Sustainable healing for the equine partner

Horses do not come with any preconceived ideas of what they should receive from a bodywork session, and unlike humans, they don’t respond to placebos.


Work done on the horse is usually integrated fairly quickly. It is non-force, employing the horse’s strong self-corrective response, as with humans. The difference is that the horse will generally recognize the self-correction more quickly. The horse may also require more hands-off time in which to integrate information.

“Susan has an amazing capacity to assess my horse’s body health in both the micro and the macro senses … and observes the whole animal, what his job is and how he is being worked. A truly gifted bodyworker.” -TF

With simple techniques, a lot can be accomplished in regaining health and balance sustainably.

Added to the work in certain circumstances, is red light therapy. Red light is a low-intensity light, used mainly at one wavelength (660nm). It’s emitted  from super-luminous light emitting diodes (LEDs) that painlessly penetrate the skin in order to induce certain physiological responses in the body, employed on trigger points and acupressure points.

The work supports the treatment of

  • Structural imbalance
  •  Lameness
  •  Trauma
  • Chronic and acute injuries
  • Emotional issues
  •  Joint pain and stiffness
  • Illness
“What I like about this work is that my horse is a participant in his healing. He is not just having something “done to” him, he is part of the process.” – RB