Horses at Liberty Foundation Training

To bridge the language barrier between horse and human

Patches_ILTNHorses at Liberty Foundation Training is a study of herd behavior, and the horse’s natural tendencies and rhythms. The techniques designed for this work are called the Liberty Foundations. Through our knowledge of equine communication and what sustains them, and adjusting our own energy, we can deepen our relationship with horses. Some horses recognize this work as a song from the herd, perhaps a herd they have never known. In a time when many horses are not kept in herds, and even for those who are, this work represents a paradigm shift in what horses and people can experience together.

When working with a horse at liberty, we can influence a horse from across the arena. When you recognize that sphere of influence you recognize the energetic connection. We are part of the energetic connection so we also work with the human’s energy.

Some horses recognize this work as a song from the herd, perhaps a herd they have never known.

In Liberty Foundation work, we use energetic connection, learn to bring our leadership forth so that we can achieve greater respect from the horse and greater connection. We learn horse rhythms, the rhythms that horses live by and that sustain them, day by day.

I am reminded of the children’s story by Paul Goble entitled The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses. The girl in the story got lost with her herd of horses and until one year she did not return home to her parents. Legend has it that she had become one of the wild horses at last.

In a way, learning about horses at liberty, we become one of the wild horses in learning their language, we are able to communicate better, knowing what they talk about, how they speak and move.

Although I have been working with the holistic Liberty Foundations for awhile now and have not actually turned into a horse, I am clearly on a journey of deeper discovery. Each day I work with a horse, he or she teaches me something new.

“Thanks again, Susan, for the workshop.  Enjoyed the videos as well.  Like I wrote to a friend of mine, the work is so subtle, you might just miss it.  Ya know… things are different around her after that clinic, a little quieter and more peaceful.  Not sure if it’s Oliver or me, or both, but everything feels much smoother.  Believe it or not I had 2 buckets set up and he was moving off his food to got to the other one very calmly.  He did want to get around the bucket so he’d face me while he ate for the most part, I think, but he did the moving very quietly and did put his head back down to eat more when he got there (a big thing for him with me so “close”).  I like what you said about nobody ever listening to him.  That’s what I’ve felt since I first saw him.  Hopefully he feels like we’re at least trying to listen now.  Maybe that’s why he’s quieter… (and braver! -see picture).Ollie's curiosity-2
Very interesting workshop.” – Tina Ossorgin