Distance Healing Communication

Distance healing communication in the comfort of  home

While traditional bodywork employs physical touch, there are situations where distance sessions can have a powerful healing result.

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In Ortho-Bionomy there are seven acknowledged phases of contact. The first five involve actual physical contact, and six and seven are off the body. Six is off the body but can be close to the body, seven can be used anywhere with the client’s permission only.

Distance healing communication for people can be done in the comfort of your own home, on subtle energetic levels, at a pre-arranged quiet time, and then discuss the session afterwards. It can also take place on the phone.

For horses, the session is usually conducted at a time when the horse is not engaged in an activity, such as after feeding, or during the middle of the day. If the horse does not want the connection or not at that time, then I will wait for another time.

As this is a purely non-physical session, with horses we must rely on their way of communicating – in images, physical sensations (often both in the horse and practitioner), emotions, feelings, sometimes something like words. The owner or handler generally reports changes in the body and demeanor of the horse after the session. I may also ask the handler to check tissue quality before and after a session.


There are some significant advantages to this type of work. 1) I can work with someone or a being far away physically, 2) there is no limit to what areas I can address energetically. So for example, if someone has a frozen shoulder and they have very limited range of motion, with distance healing I may be able to show that shoulder a far greater range without the restrictions of the physical body. This suggestion will then translate to the physical body. 3) I can also sense areas of the body that need help, that the person or animal may  not yet be aware of, for example, the spleen area inflamed where the person is focused only on stomach pain. 4) In the case of horses, some horses may kick out or try to bite if you encounter a tender area. Distance healing or even phase six healing if you are in the same location with the horse, will allow you to work more deeply in that area that needs to be addressed with direct contact.

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