Mounted Body Balance

Bodywork while riding

Mounted Body Balance sessions are available mounted or unmounted, for those who want to experience bodywork in the saddle or with a specific focus on riding. Originally developed as Horse & Rider Fusion by Equine Positional Release (EPR) founder, Zarna Carter, this work can be especially useful after an injury, when a rider wants to get back in the saddle. Using a few specific techniques, restrictions can be unraveled easily while seeing how the horse and rider communicate. Often the understanding of where restrictions are and how to loosen them can help them melt away.

Why you might want to get a Mounted Body Balance session:

  1. If you can’t swing your leg over the horse’s back, or have any problems mounting
  2. If your horse doesn’t want to move forward
  3. Any restriction or rushing you sense in your horse’s body
  4. You have pain anywhere that shows up when you are in the saddle
Exploring range of motion in a demo at the Feed Bin Trunk Show.










“Three months after an accident in which I fractured my pelvis in four places, I wanted to get back on my horse. My being on my horse was very difficult because for one thing, my right leg would not contact the saddle as it had before the accident. Horse & Rider work allowed me to ride in harmony for longer periods of time, with more comfort.” – SV

Take a look at these exercises for better balance and comfort in the saddle, with tips on how to stay flexible on long rides.