Equine Body Balance

Movement in the direction of comfort

SHR_bodywork1Equine Body Balance (TM) is informed and shaped by Equine Ortho-Bionomy and Equine Positional Release (EPR). This gentle, but effective, non-force approach uses elements of healing that are in concert with the body’s natural tendencies while at the same time, tunes into the central nervous system.

Common issues such as lameness, stiffness, nervous system disorders, endocrine and lymph imbalance, circulation, organic and structural irregularities can be addressed effectively with this work. Equine Body Balance opens the door to healing, allowing the body to have a voice in healing itself.


Equine Body Balance Workshops offered in 2018, on the following topics:

  • Working with the Equine Spine
  • Working with the Equine Limbs
  • Conformation, Compensation or Both?
  • Mounted Body Balance – Share Greater Movement with your Horse
  • Practice Days for Continuing Students

These classes are for the owner who is interested in learning some tools to maintain their own horses’ health as well as horse professionals who are interested in sustainable ways to assist in the healing of horses. Equine Body Balance balances the horse’s systems and allows for better functionality. It allows people to be more proactive in their equine’s health care by learning how to observe a horse’s condition, and hands-on techniques to address injury, restriction, and improve movement and soundness. Knowledge of what the horse is capable of influences how we train and what we can expect from the horse.

” I absolutely love the work, which I am surprised about. I thought I would be overwhelmed and confused but I’m not!!  I’ve gotten some great releases on some horses and owners have been amazed…” -MH

“I’ve had Susan do work on my horse. If I can learn only a little of what she knows at this clinic, it will be well worth it to me and Breeze.” – TH