Navigating Equine Body Points | 2-Day Workshop, June 23-24, 2018 | Canby, Oregon

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Natural Whisperings Farm, Canby, Oregon


Equine Body Balance Workshop 2-Day  Navigating Equine Body Points
June 23-24, 2018  9am-4:30pm
At Natural Whisperings/DeRungs Farm in Canby, OR

Two Day Intensive Study 
No prerequisites.
$375 early bird special if paid by 05/22/2018
$400 regular rate afterwards, paid no later than 04/21/18
Special discount if purchased with the “Equine Liberty from the Heart” 1-day workshop
In the wild, horses possess an inner knowledge of how to balance themselves and what foods to eat. Their social network also provides some healing and protection. Horses will identify painful points in each other. We can identify these points for the domestic horse, treating her/him holistically and uniquely.
Class is focused on Equine Body Balance point work — adapted for the equine — the neurolymphatic points located just under the skin, as identified and named by Dr. Frank Chapman, an osteopath. Studying the Chapman’s Points offers a holistic approach to refine students’ palpation skills, by identifying where there may be a point that needs attention.
The work helps:
  • reduce stress
  • improve energy levels
  • relieve pain
  • address structural challenges, arthritis and lameness
  • improve organ function, lymph and blood mobility
  • ease colic
Equine Body Balance point work is simple and non-invasive, and can be learned by any interested horse owner or professional. While the work is powerful, it can be applied without injury. The work is not a substitute for veterinary care, but rather, a complement to it. Owners can effectively support their horse’s healing with this training.
Our question always is: How can we bring greater comfort, mobility and efficiency to the horse with bodywork?
Learn assessment through observation, further your palpation skills, encourage movement from within to without.  Learn to prioritize when bodywork, follow-up and other intervention is needed on an individual basis. Plus, take home sustainable Equine Body Balance techniques to use with horse!
  • Chapman’s Points: located mostly around the spinal column
  • Lessons in palpation – learning to feel
  • Gauging the horses’s response to point contact
  • Integrating structural techniques with point work

We will be working with Natural Whisperings’ herd of seven very different horses who enjoy the Equine Body Balance work. Class size is limited (10) so sign up today!


“I just used the Chapman points (points for eye, head congestion, adrenal/kidney, small intestine) on a horse with one eye, and he processed for at least 15 minutes. It was lovely.” – CM



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