2017-2018 Offerings

Equine Body Balance workshops are designed for horse owners and professionals, bodyworkers and equine enthusiasts who would like to learn how to do some effective bodywork on their horse. The courses will include building blocks of equine health and energetic relationship with the horse. The work relies on the horse’s innate ability to self-correct and can have profoundly sustainable results. Emphasis in class will be on developing feel and positioning in contact. I have also recently added Mounted Body Balance classes. No class requires a pre-requisite at this time.

Horses at Liberty Foundation Training – Liberty Foundations are six foundations based on horses’ cooperative natural herd behavior, using no tack. Working with energetic principles, we come into relationship with the horse by first learning to relate in his or her language, through body positioning, touch and rhythms. As horsemanship methods have evolved, the horse’s true voice has not always been heard. In true liberty, horses are engaged without tack. With this work, differences in horses’ behavior can be profound, leading to deeper connection in other work done on the ground and under saddle, what I refer to as the “Open Bond – OnLine – OnBoard” connection.

All Equine Body Balance and Horses at Liberty Foundation Training events are provided with various payment opportunities.

For out of town events, all payments are non-refundable after three weeks before a scheduled event date. For out of town events, Early Bird rates will apply up to three weeks before the scheduled event. After that the Full rate applies.

Most local events will have an Early Bird option up until two weeks before an event.  After that the Full rate applies. All payments are non-refundable. For all local events, if for some reason the event is canceled, you will be issued a full refund.