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Beyond the norm: no force = great horse

Recently I’ve been in social situations with my horse and other riders where I’ve been faced with how differently I do things.

I have come to a rift in thinking with most people who ride or work with horses. The popular jargon states that we must “make our horse do things” and “keep the feet moving” and “don’t give up on the activity or the horse will have won.” “I run my horse around in the round pen so I know what kind of horse I have before I ride.”

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In the big pasture of life

Yesterday my mare Zuzka was the last to come back in from the pasture. The two boys came in willingly as they knew it was feeding time. She knew this too, but she loves grazing more than anything, even dinner.

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On the way to performance with liberty horse training

Recently liberty presentations have been a part of national competitions, such as the Extreme Mustang Makeover and just this past weekend, the American Horsewoman’s Challenge (AHC). These events require trainers to train a horse within a prescribed space of time.

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5 paths to building connection with horses

Krystle with Tex
Krystle with Tex

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