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What do you love about your horse?

I ask this question because it is a part of the whole perspective about experiencing Liberty Horsemanship with your horse — the getting-to-know-you part that’s so important.

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Feel invisible threads of connection with your horse

The herd grazes on the high desert plains, snatching mouthfuls of grasses if there are any. When they are thirsty, they are generally thirsty as a group, because the water hole may be some distance from where they are grazing.

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That horse is gonna kill you!

This is a refrain that I heard recently from an owner who was startled by the news. It’s not new; I’ve heard it many times before, spoken to owners with horses who have some behavioral issue. What is going on here?

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Picked by a horse

Have you ever been “picked” by a horse?

Jazzie on my head

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It’s the little things with horses

The little things mean a lot with horses.

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