Monthly Archives: March 2013

The rhythm of grazing

How do we get in sync? How do we achieve an energetic connection?

While I was out in the pasture with Patches one day, it occurred to me that a really good way for people to get a better sense of their energetic connection with a horse is to feel the rhythm of the horse grazing. The horse nibbles a few bites of grass and moves along, sometimes never lifting his nose from the grass very much. He moves along in a loose-limbed way, almost like he’s going to roll. You can feel the relaxation in his whole being.

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Poetry in motion – reciprocal movement in horse work

Reciprocal movement or “mirroring” – when horses mirror each other’s movement – helps horses help each other in healing and is supportive of the herd as a whole. I use this movement in horse bodywork and it is also used in liberty training – a prerequisite to dancing.


When horse training isn’t working

Ray Hunt used to say, is it getting better with your horse, is it the same, or is it getting worse? If it is getting worse or remaining the same without any improvement, it’s time for a change or maybe to do some things the same but add in a little something else.


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